Dodgers instructional league roster, schedule

September 17th, 2018

At the end of each season, Major League clubs hold instructional league play, commonly known as instructs, an extended mini-camp that allows Minor Leaguers -- particularly those just starting their pro careers at the lower levels of their team's system -- to get some work in before calling it a year. Players work on specific parts of their game and get offseason workout plans while often playing a handful of games against nearby teams to provide low-key competition to put what they are working on into practice.
Instructional league rosters
Here's a look at the Dodgers' roster, with the players' rank in the team's Top 30 Prospects in parentheses:
PITCHERS: Aldry Acosta; Reza Aleaziz; Jasiel Alvino; Israiky Berroa; Justin Bruihl; Jeronimo Castro; Jose Chacin; Nelfri Contreras; Leo Crawford; Franklin De La Paz; Reinaldo De Paula; Austin Drury; Carlos Duran; Max Gamboa; Jacob Gilliland; Michael Grove (No. 12); Joel Inoa; Andre Jackson; Marshall Kasowski (No. 23); Stephen Kolek; Justin Lewis; Jose Martinez; Connor Mitchell; Carlos Montilla; Wills Montgomerie; Ryan Moseley; Orlandy Navarro; Darien Nunez; Jose Rodulfo; John Rooney (No. 18); Evy Ruibal; Logan Salow; Caleb Sampen; Connor Strain; Joan Valdez; Bryan Warzek; Mark Washington; Zach Willeman; Nathan Witt; Guillermo Zuniga
CATCHERS: Jair Camargo; Diego Cartaya (No. 11); Hunter Feduccia; ; Andres Noriega; Ramon Rodriguez; Tre Todd; Connor Wong (No. 16)
INFIELDERS: Ronny Brito (No. 22); Kenneth Betancourt; Marcus Chiu; Luke Heyer; Meaux Landry; Sauryn Lao; Eddys Leonard; Deacon Liput; Devin Mann; Sam McWilliams; Luis Rodriguez; Cristian Santana (No. 24)
OUTFIELDERS: Ismael Alcantara; Drew Avans; Donovan Casey; Matt Cogen; Aldrich De Jongh; Yunior Garcia; Starling Heredia (No. 25); Niko Hulsizer; Jeren Kendall (No. 9); James Outman; Andy Pages; Daniel Robinson; Andrew Shaps
Mon., Sept. 24 - at Brewers
Tue., Sept. 25 - at Padres
Wed.., Sept. 26 - Camp day
Thur., Sept. 27 - vs. A's
Fri., Sept. 28 - Camp day
Sat., Sept. 29 - vs. White Sox
Sun., Sept. 30 - Off day
Mon., Oct. 1 - at Brewers
Tue., Oct. 2 - vs. White Sox
Wed., Oct. 3 - Camp day
Thur., Oct. 4 - vs. A's
Fri., Oct. 5 - Camp day
Sat., Oct. 6 - at Rangers
Sun., Oct. 7 - Off day
Mon., Oct. 8 - vs. Team Italy
Tue., Oct. 9 - vs. Royals
Wed., Oct. 10 - Camp day
Thur., Oct. 11 - at Reds
Fri., Oct. 12 - Camp day
Sat., Oct. 13 - vs. White Sox