Jansen set for heart surgery, eyes spring return

Procedure for ace reliever has recovery time of 2-8 weeks

November 16th, 2018

will undergo heart surgery on Nov. 26, the closer said on Friday at the Dodgers' annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway.
The best-case scenario for Jansen's recovery is two weeks, but it could last up to eight. Either way, he's expected to be fully recovered by Spring Training.
"If we don't find anything, so let's say they go in and nothing happens, everything is good, I will be done in two weeks," Jansen said. "But if something is abnormal, then I'll be down for eight weeks. ... But I still can do all my [offseason work] to get ready for Opening Day."
Jansen suffered an atrial fibrillation episode in August in Denver as a result of a heart condition that leaves him vulnerable to an irregular heartbeat at high altitude. He skipped a return trip against the Rockies in September after a cardiologist advised he would be at "high risk" of another incident.
Jansen had a similar procedure after the 2012 season and was expected to need another operation this offseason. In '12, he underwent a catheter ablation in the left atrium of his heart to cauterize the damaged area and prevent it from generating abnormal electrical signals.
After missing time in August, Jansen allowed seven runs in four innings in his first four appearances off the disabled list, but he settled in to post a 2.70 ERA in his final 14 regular-season appearances (13 1/3 innings). He pitched 6 2/3 scoreless frames in the National League Division Series and NL Championship Series, but he gave up two home runs and blew both of his save opportunities against the Red Sox in the World Series.