Sources: Dodgers at top of Stanton's list

November 27th, 2017

's camp has presented the Marlins with a list of teams to which he's willing to accept a trade, sources told As of Monday, however, he wasn't close to being dealt to any of them.

Nearly one month into the offseason, one of the biggest Hot Stove storylines -- a Stanton blockbuster -- is not imminent, sources say.

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The Dodgers are viewed as Stanton's preferred destination, and they are among the approved teams on the list he conveyed to Marlins officials, sources said. And while Los Angeles and Miami have been in contact regarding the possibility of a Stanton trade, those talks haven't advanced because of the Dodgers' concerns over luxury tax obligations.

Even without acquiring Stanton, the Dodgers are expected to exceed the $197 million luxury tax threshold in 2018; they owe a 50 percent tax on any overages, with additional surtaxes under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that could increase their tax bill by tens of millions of dollars.

Were it not for the luxury tax issue, the Dodgers would be an ideal trading partner for the Marlins. Stanton grew up a Dodgers fan in Southern California and would welcome the chance to play at home. Stanton could become L.A.'s long-term right fielder; , a free agent after the 2019 season, would be a logical part of any trade offer to Miami. The Dodgers have a deep prospect base and could include a pitcher -- , or -- to offset some of the $295 million Stanton is owed over the next 10 seasons.

The Giants and Cardinals have been in consistent contact with the Marlins about Stanton, sources say. It is not clear if either club is on Stanton's list of approved teams; that group is said to be flexible, one source said, depending on how Stanton's options evolve during the offseason.

Although there is no momentum toward a trade between the Dodgers and Marlins -- for now -- Stanton appears inclined to wait for complete clarity before fully embracing other alternatives. As of Monday, he had not formally rejected any trade offers put before him by Miami, one source said.

Many MLB team executives agree that the uncertainty surrounding Stanton's trade status has slowed the overall pace of free agency. Virtually every significant free-agent position player available this offseason -- including J.D. Martinez, , , and Mike Moustakas -- remains unsigned.