The Dodgers' Max Muncy bobblehead is epic trolling

'Go get it out of the ocean'

February 14th, 2020

The 2019 MLB season offered some great trash talk.

Pete Alonso and Chris Paddack got into it about the relative merits of winning Rookie of the Month for April versus Rookie of the Year. Alonso got the last laugh on both counts.

Marcus Stroman responded to the notion that he wouldn't have been a valuable Deadline addition to the Yankees with a classic invocation of the scoreboard.

But the best burn of the season came after Dodgers slugger Max Muncy hit a home run off Giants starter Madison Bumgarner and watched it sail out of the stadium into McCovey Cove. Bumgarner took exception to it in the moment, but Muncy dismissed those concerns for good with an epic postgame quote:

It doesn't matter whether Muncy's ball technically landed in the ocean or not, "go get it out of the ocean" was an instant classic. Shirts quoting the burn were made and worn by none other than Muncy himself.

The 2020 season marks a new year, but it certainly does not mark the end of "go get it out of the ocean." During their home-opening series, the Dodgers are commemorating the moment with a bobblehead of Muncy pointing where one might go to retrieve that June 2019 dinger. You'll never guess who they'll be playing that night.

Granted, Bumgarner is no longer on the Giants after signing with the D-backs this offseason, but the beef was always bigger than Muncy versus Bumgarner: It was a statement that the rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants was as alive and hot as ever.