Fans scramble for HR ball, you won't believe who got it

March 25th, 2023

Imagine you're a dog, sitting around watching a baseball game. All these players on the field, pitching a ball. Hitting a ball. Catching a ball. One of your favorite things in life, outside of eating food and getting pets, is a ball. Your caregiver throws it, you run and get it, you return it, they throw it again. Bliss. But during a baseball game, you're just a spectator.

However, during Saturday's Cactus League matchup between the Royals and Dodgers, one lucky pup got in on the action.

Dodgers prospect Michael Busch sent a ball over the fence in the seventh inning for his second homer of the spring. Per usual, there was a scramble among the fans to see who could come up with the ball. However, in the middle of all those people was an opportunistic canine who grabbed the ball with its jaws and refused to give it up until its owner, wearing a Dodgers K-9 jersey, dished out a few head pets first.

This wasn't the first time we've seen a pup wind up with a home run ball, and we're certainly hoping it's not the last.