Elvis returns as a proud but tired father

July 9th, 2017

ARLINGTON -- Elvis is back in the building.
Rangers shortstop was back in the lineup on Saturday after missing the previous two games while on paternity leave. His wife, Cori, gave birth to their son, Elvis Emilio, on Thursday morning and he returned a bit weary from the experience.
"No sleep, but a lot of joy," Andrus said. "Everybody's like, 'You'll see when you go through the whole process. It changes everything up.' I thought I understood that a month ago. Every time they say that, but until you go through the whole process, that's when you actually realize it.
"[Cori] is doing good. She's at home," Andrus said. "It was a normal labor, so she's recovering a lot faster right now. She's good. She needs to rest for sure."
New dad Elvis wears hospital bracelet in return
"Three," Andrus said proudly. "I did. I did, actually. I thought it was going to be a lot harder, but I'm really nosey, so every time all the nurses came, I'm like, 'You need to teach me.' I still need to get better taking the baby, like the burp, and all that. But changing diapers I think I'm pretty good."

He has been getting a lot of advice from the experienced fathers on the team.
"They all tell me the same. … You'll sleep when you're on the road," Andrus said.
This was the first time Andrus was not on the Rangers' active roster in his nine-year career. He has never been on the disabled list, even in his Minor League career.
"That's one of the things I learned from Adrian [Beltre]," Andrus said. "I always find a way, even through injuries or whatever, I always find a way to stay on the field, stay on my feet, until the last couple of days. And now I'm back to work."
Andrus said he watched the Rangers on television while he was away from the team. It wasn't that fun.
"That was the hardest thing ever," Andrus said. "Sometimes on a day off, I'll watch one inning before I go outside. To actually not be at the game, it was the hardest thing and the weirdest thing ever. But he was in my arms so that was a lot cooler."
Andrus was so busy with his family that he didn't really follow the Esurance MLB All-Star Final Vote. He ended up finishing fourth and will spend the All-Star break with his family.
"I didn't really pay attention," Andrus said. "Like I say, it would have been an honor, but after he was born, I think the All-Star Game, actually that was the first time that I don't think about baseball my whole life. That's when you realize he's special."