Hoz ejected for first time following strikeout

May 4th, 2016

KANSAS CITY -- As the Royals were getting pounded by the Nationals in Wednesday's 13-2 loss in the rubber game, frustrations certainly mounted.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, first baseman Eric Hosmer was ejected for arguing from the dugout with home-plate umpire CB Bucknor. It was Hosmer's first career ejection.

Hosmer had just struck out when Bucknor pointed to the Royals' dugout and ejected Hosmer. Television replays then showed Hosmer shouting at Bucknor. Salvador Perez, who had the day off from catching, took over at first base.

Hosmer appeared to disagree with the first two strike calls in the at-bat. Hosmer also said later he was disturbed by a conversation Bucknor was having with Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos.

"As a hitter, you're going to get four at-bats a night, maybe even five," Hosmer said. "There's a reason we get here at 1 p.m., and prepare and watch videos, and do what we can to be ready for that guy tonight. It was obviously back-to-back calls I didn't agree with, but I realize it's a tough job back there. I realize it's not easy calling balls and strikes.

"But when something occurred before the inning and he decided to continue on with the conversation with the catcher, I just felt like his focus wasn't in there. I just felt like as a hitter and a competitor, you don't appreciate that."

Hosmer didn't say what that conversation was about.