A fan caught 2 home run balls ... in the same inning?!

May 18th, 2022

For many baseball fans, catching a home run during a Major League game is a bucket list item. It takes being in the perfect place at the perfect time, and some fans never get the opportunity to snag one.

Now imagine not only catching one home run ball, but catching two.

In the same game.

In the same inning.

One fan at Fenway Park did exactly that during Tuesday’s game between the Astros and Red Sox. After the Astros decided to have a home run derby in the second inning, the fan managed to corral Jeremy Peña’s solo homer to left field. A few batters later, he made an even more impressive play to do what seems impossible, catching Yuli Gurriel’s two-run shot on the fly.

He had some prime seats for the game, as four balls were sent to the Green Monster. And don’t worry, there were plenty of opportunities for other fans to get their hands on a homer, as the teams combined to hit eight through the first four innings.

Catching two homers in the same game is unreal and seemingly a once-in-a-millennium event. Yet it wasn't?

Somehow, it's happened (though not in the same inning) at least one other time -- and just five years ago! -- when an unbelievably lucky Dodgers fan caught two homers in the same game while sitting in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium. With that level of frequency, look for the next double-dinger grab to happen around 2027.