Phils fans get big gift from ... Braves player?

April 11th, 2021

When you do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return, that's true generosity. But sometimes you do receive something back unexpectedly, especially if your generosity goes viral on social media.

That's what happened to Phillies fans James Scott and his young son, Joshua, who gave away a home run ball hit against Philadelphia at Truist Park on Saturday. They saw a young Braves fan nearby wearing a Freeman jersey and instead of keeping the souvenir for themselves, they gave it to the Freeman fan. Then on Sunday, they got a surprise from Freeman himself.

The reigning National League MVP walked over to them prior to the series finale between Atlanta and Philadelphia, and jokingly gave the Phillies fans a bit of a hard time about being supporters of the visiting club in Atlanta, but it was all in good fun. There was also an unexpected surprise.

"Even though you're a Phillies fan ... I know you're a Phillies fan but I saw your video," Freeman said as he approached Joshua near the home dugout. "I know you missed [having the home run ball] but I've got this ball signed by me and Bryce Harper."

Freeman handed the baseball to Joshua, who was wearing his Harper jersey, and said, "You don't have to catch that one." He then had some advice for the two Phillies supporters before heading back to the field.

"You can be fans inside," Freeman said, jokingly. "I love it. I'll try to hit you another one [today]."