Fantasy411 chat: Who to keep for 2017?

September 26th, 2016 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@Kobe_Mahoney: Which rookie should I keep for 2017 out of , and ?

Fred Zinkie: It's a tough call between Seager and Turner. I'll go with Turner.

@packbrewbuck: Will make two starts this week? Or are they going with a six-man rotation?

Zinkie: I believe that he will make two starts this week.

@ace_a55: Would you use two-start pitchers or in a points league this week?

Zinkie: I would use Manaea. He has had some good starts of late.

@Nick_Schara: Please pick two pitchers for this week out of , , and . Also should I start or at catcher?

Zinkie: Go with Sanchez and Hill. And start Perez at catcher.

@ThePrideOfNYC: Should I start or for championship week?

Zinkie: Go with Cabrera. Lindor may get to rest a couple times this week.

@WitoAcevedo232: Please recommend some starters this week out of , , , , , and .

Zinkie: In order, my favorites are Quintana, Gsellman and Fulmer.

@real_wes_trunk: I really need steals to win my league. Should I bench someone like for players such as Peraza and ?

Zinkie: Yes. You need to make any necessary moves to get players such as Peraza and Kiermaier in your lineup.

@frogzilla87: I believe that I should keep over in a keeper league. Do you agree?

Zinkie: I agree. The age difference matters.

@MAS8823: Should I bench in final week with the Padres calling up prospects?

Zinkie: Yes. You would be better off with than Alex Dickerson this week.

@alfredo_gc: Which pitcher should I start out of , Manaea and tonight?

Zinkie: I would go with Manaea. He has pitched well of late.

@SaltySarcasms: Is droppable with his thumb injury and rest?

Zinkie: You can bench or drop. But he isn't a lock to be in fantasy lineups this week.

@willyedwards11: Would you start (two starts) over (facing Kershaw).

Zinkie: To start McHugh over Bumgarner, I would have to be solely focused on wins. You'll have to decide if that fits your needs.

@khendler6: Please pick one starter out of at the D-backs, against the Cubs or at the Blue Jays.

Zinkie: Tough call. I'll take Tillman. The Blue Jays are among the lowest-scoring teams this month.

@lambo1332: What are your thoughts on ? Is he the real deal or the next Kevin Maas?

Zinkie: Somewhere in the middle. I expect him to be useful in mixed leagues next season. But not a great asset.

@JasonJacobson33: In a vacuum, do you think is a 12th-round keeper in 14-team points league (keep 8)?

Zinkie: With eight keepers, 12th round is similar to round 20 in a regular draft. That value sounds good to me.

@D_Barrett18: Which player should I keep next season out of , , , and ?

Zinkie: Go with Bregman.

@BThomas62: Do you expect , , , Hernandez, Kershaw and to make all their starts this week?

Zinkie: I could see Price missing his final start. Maybe Scherzer as well. The rest are likely fine.

@BigFourInsider: Should I keep in round 2 or in round 24?

Zinkie: Lamb in round 24. Hard to pass up that value.

@BrandynwithaY: Please pick two keepers out of (round 4), Corey Seager (round 5), Aaron Sanchez (round 20) and Alex Reyes (undrafted, round 28).

Zinkie: Seager and Sanchez.

@lukeirons11: Which player should I keep: , Wil Myers or ?

Zinkie: Definitely Blackmon. He has been a top-tier outfielder two years in a row.

@Hardbody73: Is safe to start against the Padres tomorrow?

Zinkie: Not safe. But worth the risk.