Fantasy411 chat: Trust Bryce in first round?

February 13th, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.
@speej63: Do you expect and Cody Bellinger to compile more than 200 at-bats this year?
Fred Zinkie: I expect Moncada to easily top 200 at-bats. But I doubt that Bellinger will reach that mark.
@MrMet822: Would you rather draft Manny Machado or Josh Donaldson?
Zinkie: I'll take Donaldson. His power numbers have been so consistent. He may also swipe more bases than Machado.

@qtgeoff: What does the trade do for 's fantasy value?
Zinkie: Peraza's value has spiked. He could be selected in the top-100 picks in some '17 drafts.
@alfredo_gc: Which two players would you keep out of , , Max Scherzer and ?
Zinkie: I would keep Turner and Correa. But I know it's hard to throw Scherzer back into the draft.
@mhensonrn: Do you ever keep closers? I have Zach Britton but would have to throw back or .
Zinkie: I'm fine with keeping Britton over Abreu.

@jpabloff92: Can I trust as a 1st-round pick?
Zinkie: No! But, he's worth a pick in the first round anyways. His upside is terrific. Draft him late in the first and pair him with a reliable hitter like Josh Donaldson.
@JeJered: Should I keep or ?
Zinkie: Tough decision, but I would keep Benintendi.

@Replays: In this year's draft should you go pitcher or hitter heavy?
Zinkie: I would get a pair of top pitchers in the first five rounds and then load up on hitters.
@joyce_ben: Who's your biggest bust candidate?
Zinkie: I don't think he will be a "bust," but I don't expect 's production to match his high draft ranking.
@Baseballfan_sox: Who are some guys to grab late in the draft?
Zinkie: Look for , and Mitch Haniger late in your draft.
@wrestlingfan444: Who is going to have the biggest breakout year?
Zinkie: If he stays healthy, is going to have a great year.

@jordanae1124: Who should I keep out of Nick Castellanos, and .
Zinkie: Definitely Herrera.
@elangel_747: Someone said that you have to take a third baseman in the first round. Is that a good advice?
Zinkie: You don't have to take any position in any certain round. Take the best available player with each of your initial picks.
@GarrettPalmer14: Please name some top-100 players who you think will exceed their draft ranking.
Zinkie: Trea Turner, , J.D. Martinez, .

@Joshua_Pollard7: Who's your best sleeper candidate?
Zinkie: Likely Mitch Haniger. But the hype on him is starting to grow.
@BPalermo1: Do you have a breakout catcher for us?
Zinkie: Austin Hedges. But be ready to have a fallback plan.
@SslaydenMlb: Would you draft or ?
Zinkie: Altuve. Both will be great, but Altuve's superior contact skills give him the edge.
@Go22rd: Would you rather draft or Chris Archer?
Zinkie: Archer. More durable and more strikeouts.
@whosyopapi: What kind of year are you expecting from A.J. Pollock?
Zinkie: I'm a little worried about injuries with him. If he stays healthy, he's a top-20 hitter.

@AP5510: In a keeper league, do you prefer or
Zinkie: Definitely Verlander.
@BillyLessard27: Please rank Aaron Nola, and .
Zinkie: Paxton, Nola, Rodon.
@SslaydenMlb: Do you prefer , Nick Castellanos or at third base?
Zinkie: Lamb. He is risky, but he still has a high ceiling.
@echo_selzer: Are you worried about ' poor second half at all?
Zinkie: Yes, I am a little worried. He is outside my top-5 shortstops.
@NickSteezins: In a keeper league, do you prefer Paul Goldschmidt or Bryce Harper?
Zinkie: I'll take Harper in a keeper league.