Fantasy Q&A: Zinkie fields Twitter questions

February 16th, 2016 fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript highlights below, and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@PG3Phil: Would you trade Steven Matz for Jorge Soler in a 15-keeper dynasty league?

Fred Zinkie: I wouldn't. But it is a fair deal, especially if you feel like you need young hitters.

@MTSaucier0871: Who do I keep out of Carlos Correa and Kris Bryant in a head-to-head points league?

Zinkie: I expect Bryant to be terrific, but you need to keep Correa for as long as possible. He's special.

@bigmeach38: When do you expect Ian Desmond to sign?

Zinkie: I expect him to sign early enough to be ready for Opening Day. I wouldn't downgrade him on draft lists until at least March 1.

@TheRealMLawv: Which one of these three aces would you keep: Jacob deGrom, Chris Sale or Madison Bumgarner?

Zinkie: Because of his immense strikeout potential, I would keep Sale.

@mikeloge1024: In what order would you draft the Mets' four young starting pitchers?

Zinkie:Matt Harvey, deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Matz.

@AndrewContrucci: Do you expect Felix Hernandez to bounce back in 2016, or is this a downward regression for him?

Zinkie: I believe we have already seen his best years. But I expect him to match his 2015 production. Any improvement would be a small one.

@MikeBartDPT: Please name a late-round starter to target. Also, do you agree that second base is especially deep this year?

Zinkie:Joe Ross, Rich Hill and Jon Niese are pitchers to target. I agree about second base. But you will likely need two of them on a roto team, as shortstop is shallow.

@msa5293: Would you trade Andrew Miller and Chris Colabello for Andrew Heaney in a keeper league?

Zinkie: I would not. Miller could be a top-tier closer in 2017.

@Beamers60: If I'm in an auction league, how can I use mock drafts to gain any advantage?

Zinkie: Use ADP instead. Try to use last year's auction prices from your league to determine the cost of the 10th player, 20th player etc. Then use ADP to assign value to players.

@DDSmith703: Can we expect a bounce backyear for Carlos Gomez?

Zinkie: I expect him to bounce back, but not to his 2013-14 level. Expect close to 20 homers and close to 30 steals.

@katsoMLB: Which of these two players should I keep for '16: Roberto Osuna, Jean Segura, Khris Davis, Colabello, Avisail Garcia?

Zinkie: If just for 2016, pick Segura and Davis.

@jonserrano2: In a keeper league, should I trade Zach Britton ($8) and Brandon Belt ($16) and my two draft picks for Felix Hernandez ($37) and Roberto Osuna ($8)?

Zinkie: Definitely not. I understand the lure of Hernandez, but the keeper costs are a major factor, and his is much too high.

@andrewdquirk: In a 10-man keeper league and one open spot, should I even think about keeping Michael Brantley?

Zinkie: No, his injury is too severe to be kept with your lone keeper spot.

@TheAdamConners: Do you expect regression from Maikel Franco, Odubel Herrera and Luis Severino?

Zinkie: I doubt that any of them can maintain their 2015 pace, but they all have mixed-league value for '16.

@KMcCar91: Is Miguel Sano a keeper player or should I try to swing a deal for a Josh Donaldson?

Zinkie: Sano is an excellent keeper. But you could trade him for Donaldson if you don't have to add too much more.

@Trev_Devine: Please name some young prospects that you see making a significant impact this season?

Zinkie: Of those that would be available late in drafts, I'm interested in Tyler Glasnow, Jose Berrios, Joey Gallo and Trea Turner.

@davesull4: Is Corey Seager or Xander Bogaerts a better option for a dynasty league?

Zinkie: While I expect Bogaerts to be slightly better in 2016, I would rather own Seager in a dynasty league.

@ItsSalJr: If I lose out on one of the top third basemen, who should I target?

Zinkie: Plan on waiting a few rounds and grab the remaining member of a group that includes Todd Frazier, Matt Carpenter, Kyle Seager, Adrian Beltre and Evan Longoria.

@mhensonrn: Do you consider Gerardo Parra or Jonathan Schoop to be a better sleeper in 2016?

Zinkie: With Coors Field by his side, I expect Parra to be more productive than Schoop.

@kaufdrop36: Who would you take with the top pick in 2016 drafts?

Zinkie: I would select Bryce Harper. I would not argue with anyone who decided to take Mike Trout.

@Big_Blue15: What are the chances Julio Urias makes the Dodgers' Opening Day roster?

Zinkie: He will not make it out of Spring Training, but he could debut late in the season.

@bax869: Should I keep Charlie Blackmon or Jose Fernandez?

Zinkie: Because Fernandez will likely be on an innings limit, go with Blackmon.

@PatrickHetland: I dropped Rusney Castillo and added Khris Davis. Was that a smart move?

Zinkie: Even though Davis is moving to a pitcher-friendly park, I believe you made a smart move. Castillo still has much to prove.