Fantasy411 Podcast: Will McMahon play in CO?

January 25th, 2018

The following is a transcript of a segment from this week's Fantasy411 podcast, hosted by lead fantasy writer Fred Zinkie and national editor Matthew Leach. To hear the rest of their discussion, subscribe to the Fantasy411 podcast by clicking here.
Matthew Leach: ", very intriguing guy. I mean, anybody who can play regularly in Denver is intriguing. It looks like he might get some opportunity in Denver, and that's really the question. I think if he plays, he's going to put up fantasy numbers that you like. So the question about McMahon is, do you think he's going to play?"
Fred Zinkie: "Right now he has a decent chance. If they don't add a veteran first baseman, then really the decision is, do they play at first base, or do they play him in left field? If they play him in left field, then McMahon is their first baseman. If they play him at first base, then or would probably be their left fielder. So they have options. When you look at McMahon's numbers from last season, like he hit .355 in the Minors, hit 20 home runs. As far as a late-round pick for early drafters, until we see his role, this is someone with massive upside where if they turn first base over to him and just say, 'Hey, let's give him a shot for the initial couple months of the season and if we're doing fine and he's not, we'll go out and grab a slugging first baseman,' which is pretty easy to acquire in the summer. Then, I think he's someone you really want, at least for the home weeks, and then see where you go from there. Do you think there's a chance that if McMahon gets this opportunity that he can hit right now?"

Leach: "I do think there's a chance. You know, I keep reading, it does not seem that is out of the picture in Denver yet. He had it nice there, they seem to like him, so that would be an issue. If they brought Mark Reynolds back then that would certainly seem to eat into McMahon's opportunity. That would be a guy I would watch there because, again, he's expressed a desire to return there and so I could see that. But, if he plays, I think the only question with McMahon is the power. It's not like he'll be a 15-home-run guy if he plays regularly. But, even in some very good hitting environments he's been more a 20-home-run kind of guy than a 30-to-35 home-run kind of guy. And that's a really good player, don't get me wrong, but the one thing I would say is don't go overboard even if he does get the opportunity. But, he's a really intriguing player.
"A guy next that I actually saw when he was in college, Nick Senzel. I actually wrote a piece about him. You can probably find it on the Google machine if you hunt for that. Nick Senzel played his college ball at Tennessee, and I saw him here in Athens when they came to play Georgia a couple of years ago. One of those guys that even in college just was so polished, look so ready. He even had a good strike zone. He's just one of those guys who you watch him play, and you just don't see a lot of weaknesses. He's just a good hitter and it shows up in his Minor League numbers. I mean, he's hit a combined .315 coming up through the Minors. Again, not shocking for a guy who was a star in the SEC: you'd expect him to succeed in the low Minors. But he hit .340 at Double-A last year at 22, so that tells you this is not a guy who's just destroying younger, overmatched competition. He's got a nice strike zone, he's got a little power and he fits in a few different places, I think. And that's to me the interesting thing about Senzel, and that's kind of why -- he's played only third base in the Minors -- but he's a guy where if they had a need, I wouldn't be shocked if they slotted him in somewhere else. Kind of a fluid situation with a lot of guys in Cincinnati. Do you think Senzel gets an opportunity early in the year, or do you think this is more a guy to keep an eye on for later in the year?"
Zinkie: "I think somewhere in the middle. If I had to guess his debut date, I'm going to put it somewhere in June. I think he's someone who won't break Spring Training with the team. I don't see him as like an April callup unless suffered a long-term injury or something like that and they just went for it with him. But, the Reds are still, I think, mostly thinking long-term with their roster. I expect him to go down to the Minors, hit for average, show some power and then push his way up either through an injury and he gets his opportunity or maybe they just make room for him. Suarez is a good player, he's not a franchise cornerstone. , same thing. Scooter Gennett, same thing. And with Suarez able to play shortstop or third, and Peraza can play second or short, there are a lot of ways to get him up to the Majors. So I think it will happen. I think we'll see him maybe a little earlier than say, , another third baseman who came up last year. Devers was the beginning of August. I could see Senzel a little earlier than that, and I think beginning of August like at the absolute latest."