Tatis' pink suit won the ASG purple carpet

He's a movie star

July 13th, 2021

The American and National League All-Stars hit up the purple carpet in Denver on Tuesday afternoon for interviews and photo shoots. They all looked good, dressed in their Midsummer best. But one of them was just a step above all the others. We won't explain -- just watch this video below:

This could be an Oscars pregame show and we'd have no idea. Maybe it's a premiere for The Matrix 5: Re-Nando'd or just a documentary film chronicling the life of the coolest man on earth. Either way, everyone wanted to talk to Fernando Tatis Jr. about his outfit.

MLB Network caught up with the star shortstop and he had a special surprise sewed into the inside of the pink silk blazer.

Let's just make this the Padres' new uniform.