How (not) to explain baseball to someone

For anyone who has struggled following the sport ... this won't help

February 10th, 2021

It's something fans often forget: Baseball is weird. Baseball is super weird. Other sports? Their rules are simple to explain and easy to follow even if you arrived one day without an idea of what a sport even is. One team is trying to go one way, the other team is trying to go the other.

But baseball? Well, baseball is much weirder -- and that's without even talking about the business casual uniforms featuring button-down shirts and leather belts.

Comedian, actor, DJ and frequent Conan guest Flula Borg summed it up perfectly. In a vlog that he filmed in 2014, but went viral on Wednesday, Borg explained that baseball is the most confusing game he's seen.

After explaining how simple soccer is -- after all, it's just a ball and some nets -- he tries to explain baseball. Here's his version of how a batter strikes out and walks:

"He throw the ball to the stick-man," Borg says of the pitcher and batter. "The stick-man may hit. If he make a miss of three times, then [he's] out. But if four times the throw is bad, boom, then [the stick-man] may walk to the pillow."

You know what, it's better if you just watch it. The clip is below -- and yes, we are hoping someone will say after a home run that the batter "may run on all the pillows."

Thank you, Flula. I feel like I understand the sport much better now.