Is Francisco Cervelli the new Salt Bae?

We all need a chef to inspire us

March 25th, 2020

If you haven't been Rip Van Winkling the last few years, you likely know of Salt Bae. (If not, it's the name given to the chef and restaurateur who, for some reason, sprinkles salt on his food in the fanciest way possible.)

Now, Francisco Cervelli seems to be trying his best to become the source of the next great food meme. How? By grating Parmesan cheese without a shirt. Food Network should be all over this, so don't be surprised if Cervelli gets his own weekly show:

Screengrab via @fran_cervelli on Instagram

In fact, while Salt Bae was pretty easy to pull off, this one is even easier. Just be careful with the grater.

Of course, the most important part is how the food tastes and while we can't judge just by a picture, it looks like the Marlins catcher knows his way around the kitchen:

Screengrab via @fran_cervelli on Instagram