Mr. Smile channels 'Coming to America'

'Good morning, my neighbors!'

February 25th, 2021

Francisco Lindor, long a source of pure joy in MLB, has already brought that attitude with him to the New York Mets. He's having adorable interactions with some of the tiniest Mets fans and he's promised to eat as much pizza as he can.

And on Thursday, he walked into Spring Training repping one of the all-time great movies ever filmed in Queens, NY: "Coming to America." He donned the Eddie Murphy Mets jacket and yelled out that famous line (although the reaction in Port St. Lucie was a little less harsh than in New York).

Now, all he has to do is record an updated version of "Get Metsmerized," have a UFO fly over his head and get a New York deli to name a sandwich after him.