Giants honor fan turning 112 years old

August 12th, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO -- Lucy Mirigian had some news for Giants president Larry Baer when they were recently introduced to each other at a local restaurant.

"I've been a Giants fan longer than you've been alive," Mirigian told Baer, 61. One thing led to another, and on Sunday, the Giants honored Mirigian, who's turning 112 on Wednesday.

That's two years older than the restaurant where Mirigian and Baer met, the famed John's Grill.

Sporting a Giants home jersey, Mirigian received noisy applause from spectators when she was shown on AT&T Park's video board before the fifth inning. She received a birthday cake with "112" in large numerals, which were made of dark icing and outlined in orange icing to resemble the lettering on the Giants' jerseys. The crowd serenaded her with "Happy Birthday."

Mirigian's children, Sonia and Garo, said that their mother's secrets for longevity included maintaining a positive outlook and never holding a grudge.

As well as attending an occasional ballgame.