Cover letter helps Santiago get deal with Tigers

Baseball players really are just like us

February 13th, 2020

First Barry Bonds (probably) has a LinkedIn page and now this? I guess it's true -- baseball really is a business.

When Héctor Santiago -- veteran of nine big league seasons -- was looking for a new team this offseason he didn't leave it to his agent. Instead, like every schmoe out there, he filled out a resume (presumably highlighting his 2015 All-Star Game appearance under "Awards and Accolades"), and a cover letter that he sent to all 30 teams. That -- and his performance pitching in Puerto Rico over the winter -- earned Santiago a Minor League deal with the Tigers.

Detroit's assistant GM David Chadd shared that cover letter with the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday. Chuckling as he read it aloud, this is what it said:

“Need a pitcher? I can. Starter, long relief, middle relief, left-handed specialist, closer, finisher, mop-up. Start on short rest. Start today pitch tomorrow. I’ve done it all. Need a guy to abuse to save the rest of the bullpen, that’s been my career! Let’s do it. I’m all in. It’s all me. I’ll throw 162 games. I’ll throw live BP for hitters before games and be ready for the game the same night. Trust me, you can’t throw me too much.

“Manager: How you feel? Me: I’m good to go. Let’s go, put me in. Can you shag BP by yourself? Yup, I’ll do it. Can you flip (short toss to hitters) in the cage? Yup, got it. Hec, can you clean the spikes? Yup, got it. Hec, can you wash the uniforms tonight? Yup. I’ll be the yes man for whoever needs me to be. My career has literally been just like this— ha-ha.”

Santiago also has multiple baseball tattoos -- including a field on the inside of his forearm -- so maybe he could have just sent that over?