Home Run Derby X returns for 2023 at the London Series fan festival

May 30th, 2023

Last year, the world was introduced to Home Run Derby X -- the brand new type of home run derby that featured defense, dingers, and plenty of star power. There were stops in London, Seoul, and Mexico City, with a truly global audience getting first crack at the homer-packed tournament and fast-paced format.

Well, here's some good news: HRDX is back for 2023.

First, the gameplay that people loved from the first tour hasn't changed. Home Run Derby X remains a co-ed team competition where teams of four (three hitters and 1 pitcher), male and female, face-off and win points both at the plate and in the field. Each contest takes just 30 minutes of action and there are additional ways to earn points with bonus points available on target hits and hot streaks. (Yes, the orange balls are back!)

You'll be able to get your first crack at the London Series fan festival held in Trafalgar Square on June 23-25. Home Run Derby X: The Cage is a unique live baseball experience using augmented reality to blend real life and virtual gameplay to give people what they always wanted: The ability to bash baseballs at one of London's most iconic locations. Over the course of the weekend, The Cage will feature MLB legends, local stars and the general public all getting a chance to step up to the plate.

The event is the centerpiece for the fan fest, which will also feature live game broadcasts across three giant screens, classic ballpark fare, special London Series merchandise and much more.

More details regarding the rest of the HRDX schedule will be announced soon. Visit mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX to be kept up-to-date.