National Treasure: Indians hide Nic Cage in tweets

May 21st, 2020

If there's one thing many of us suddenly have a lot of, it's time to kill. So the Indians were kind enough to take something -- well, someone -- from the movie "Time To Kill," not to mention a whole lot of other films, and hide him in 39 of their Twitter lineup graphics last year. They revealed their project to the world with a tweet on Wednesday.

So can you find Nicolas Cage in that image, or any of the 38 others the Indians released? We won't spoil this first one and tell you where Cage is, other than to say it's a very artistic manner of hiding an image.

What connection does Cage have to Cleveland? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe it's that he shot "Dog Eat Dog" there in 2016. Or maybe it really is just that random.

In any event, it's a fun activity for you to kill some time. And it might even inspire you to watch some Cage films. If you're looking for baseball, though, it's slim pickings. Outside of brief flashbacks of characters playing ball, and Cage attacking a tree with a bat, the American pastime isn't all that prevalent in Cage's filmography.