Oct. 11 Javier Baez postgame interview

October 12th, 2016

Q. On that 9th inning rally, just kind of how wild was it or controlled was it in the dugout as you guys were building to that? And when you come back and win in the 9th inning of a game like this, does it make it feel like this is our year?

JAVIER BAEZ: It is, not because of this game, but since day one we came to play hard. And after two wins, I said we got to come back to the third game and play like it's the first one.

It was a really good game and they got to us and they got that double with the walk-off. Today, we didn't give up. Their pitcher, he threw a great game. He was hitting his spot, he was getting to us. He threw eight innings, obviously. We just made their bullpen pay.

Q. You guys have such a heart-wrenching loss last night. It's got to be really gratifying to come through the way you guys did, scoring with four runs in the 9th inning and now you guys are going on to the NLCS. Your thoughts on that?

JAVIER BAEZ: Well, I think the game of baseball is a game that is 27 outs. We can't give up because we're down. We were fighting and fighting until we finally got two men on base and Willson came in and tied the game.

Q. On the ground ball by , could you just take us through, it seemed like it was hard just to get to the ball and then to get up and make that throw as quick as you did. And in the end, what did you feel like when the replay went the way it did?

JAVIER BAEZ: Oh, I was -- first of all, I was praying that it was going to be out. He was a lead-off hitter, that he can get down the line pretty much, pretty good. And I was playing pretty deep, and I was surprised I got to that ball and even more surprised that it was that close.