Báez adds to bat collection with each HR

June 16th, 2021

NEW YORK -- Cubs infielder Javier Báez has a hobby that he is proud of: Every time he hits a home run -- like he did in Tuesday’s 3-2 loss against the Mets -- the bat he used to hit the dinger goes out of commission and becomes a collector’s item.

The idea of keeping the bats started in 2017, after hearing that former Major Leaguer Barry Bonds collected his bats after hitting home runs towards the end of his career.

“I never use the same bat,” Báez said after the game. “Only once did I use the same bat [after hitting a home run]. It was in ’19. I haven’t done it since.”

Báez has collected baseball artifacts since he was playing for Class A Daytona in 2013. It started after he hit four home runs in a game on June 10 that year. Báez still has the bat, jersey and two balls from that game.

“I have a bunch of stuff from … high A,” Báez said. “As I went up, I just kept my stuff.”