Get the scoop on Jazz's sweet cleats

June 29th, 2023

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Marlins center fielder  waited six weeks to return to the diamond, and he did so in style the first two games of the Red Sox series.

Chisholm wore a pair of Jordan cleats designed to resemble a strawberry waffle cone that looked good enough to eat in Tuesday's 10-1 win over Boston at Fenway Park. They are 1 of 1. Completing the look were a matching oven mitt, arm sleeve, batting gloves and shin guard.

"They felt great," said Chisholm, who would go 3-for-4 with three RBIs. "Probably it was the shoes. They're too comfy. These are my customs, so they're customized to my feet and they did the molding and everything. They're molded to my feet already, so everything's great."

Chisholm, who is signed to brand Jordan, has 20 customized pairs in his collection. He usually packs a different pair for each game, but for this two-city trip to Boston and Atlanta, Chisholm didn't bring as many because he had to travel with his gear. He planned to cycle through three pairs across the six games. 

Despite the response to the waffle cone look, Chisholm didn't wear them again for Wednesday's 6-2 victory. Instead, he debuted a UFO-themed design. Chisholm would homer to straightaway center in the eighth.

"There's no chance I wear those back-to-back nights, because I've got too many pairs of cleats," Chisholm said of the waffle cone ones before Wednesday's game. "I'm not superstitious. I just like looking good every other day. I don't like to look the same back-to-back nights. If you have never seen that, I will never wear the same cleat back-to-back days. Even if I only have two pairs of cleats, I'm not wearing the same back to back."

So what's next?

Chisholm would like to incorporate mascot Billy the Marlin ... with a twist.

"Him on the island, like one large step for Billy," Chisholm said. "You know, like, Spaceman Billy."