Jeter opens up about new role on 'Executive Access'

Miami's CEO discusses the franchise's future -- and his thoughts on analytics -- on new podcast

March 5th, 2018

In the premiere episode of the Executive Access podcast, Derek Jeter goes in-depth about the state of the Marlins, George Steinbrenner's influence on him as an owner, and what it's like to be Don Mattingly's boss after succeeding him as Yankees captain.

In the wide-ranging debut episode, Jeter wastes no time in saying he hopes to have as much success as The Boss.

"We have some similarities, I'll just say some similarities, when it comes to accountability and responsibility and playing every game to win," Jeter said. "The ultimate goal is to win a championship."

Jeter also has received ownership advice from another superstar-turned-owner, NBA great Michael Jordan.

"The No. 1 lesson you get is, you have a plan and you stick to the plan," Jeter said. "You may take some criticism along the way but ultimately you have to stick to the script and that's what we're going to do here."

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