Carter's WS walk-off best of Top 50 finishes

Dramatic homer clinched 1993 Fall Classic for Blue Jays

January 22nd, 2018

Baseball has lavished fans with some incredible finishes over the years, and everyone has his or her favorite. MLB Network just ranked the Top 50 finishes of the Expansion Era (since 1961). The following list is bound to spark debate and stir some unforgettable memories. Where did your favorite baseball finish rank?

No. 50: Game 162, 2011: NYY @ TB
The wildest ending to the craziest Wild Card race ever.
No. 49: July 24, 1983: KC @ NYY
George Brett, pine tar, and all the drama that followed.
No. 48: Oct. 6, 2009: DET @ MIN
Game 163 with a postseason berth at stake. The Twins and Tigers played until the 12th.
No. 47: 2016 AL Wild Card Game: BAL @ TOR
The Orioles' best reliever watched from the bullpen as the Blue Jays walked off and into the American League Division Series.
No. 46: 1996 ALCS Game 1: BAL @ NYY
Fans think of Derek Jeter and Jeffrey Maier, but Bernie Williams was the hero with his walk-off homer in the 11th.
No. 45: 1984 NLCS Game 4: CHC @ SDP
Steve Garvey sent the Padres riding high into Game 5 of this classic series.
No. 44: 1995 ALDS Game 1: BOS @ CLE
Indians fans had waited 41 years for playoff baseball, and "The Pena Game" didn't disappoint.
No. 43: 2003 NLDS Game 4: SF @ FLA
The lasting moment of a Hall of Fame career came when Ivan Rodriguez held the ball after a classic, game-ending play at the plate.
No. 42: 2000 NLDS Game 3: SF @ NYM
Queens shook when fan favorite Benny Agbayani walked the Mets off against the Giants.
No. 41: 1997 ALDS Game 4: NYY @ CLE
Sandy Alomar and Omar Vizquel brought the Indians back to force a win-or-go-home game against the mighty Yankees. 

No. 40: Aug. 5, 2001: SEA @ CLE
The 2001 Mariners won 116 games, and would have had one more "W," if not for one of the greatest comebacks of all time.
No. 39: 1999 NLDS Game 4: ARI @ NYM
The day backup catcher Todd Pratt became a Mets playoff legend.
No. 38: Oct. 2, 2004: SF @ LAD
The Dodgers clinched the National League West in grand fashion against their longtime rivals.
No. 37: 2004 NLCS Game 5: STL @ HOU
Jeff Kent's walk-off homer broke a scoreless tie and sent fireworks into the Houston night.
No. 36: 2004 NLCS Game 6: HOU @ STL
Another night, another wild, triumphant finish from one of the best playoff series ever played.
No. 35: Oct. 1, 2007: SD @ COL
Remember the magic of Rocktober?

No. 34: Sept. 18, 2006: SD @ LAD
How many consecutive home runs? Four? How?! The Dodgers used the long ball to pull off the most improbable of comebacks.
No. 33: 1986 NLCS Game 6: NYM @ HOU
One of the longest, tensest, most dramatic playoff games ended with Jesse Orosco jumping into the air.
No. 32: 1995 ALDS Game 2: SEA @ NYY
After 15 innings, Jim Leyritz sent the Yankees home winners over the Mariners.
No. 31: 2006 ALCS Game 4: OAK @ DET
Magglio Ordonez had an excellent career. This was his defining moment.
No. 30: 1986 NLCS Game 3: HOU @ NYM
Lenny Dykstra walked the wild, wild Mets off to spark another wild celebration.
No. 29: 2005 NLCS Game 5: STL @ HOU
, Brad Lidge, and the baseball that still hasn't landed.
No. 28: 2005 World Series Game 2: HOU @ CWS
Slap-hitting Scott Podsednik slugged the White Sox to a classic Fall Classic win.

No. 27: 2001 World Series Game 5: ARI @ NYY
The Yankees rallied against Byung-Hyun Kim ... again.
No. 26: 1999 NLCS Game 5: ATL @ NYM
Robin Ventura and the grand-slam single.
No. 25: 1985 NLCS Game 6: STL @ LAD
One out from defeat, Jack Clark sent St. Louis home a winner.
No. 24: 2005 NLDS Game 4: ATL @ HOU
Eighteen innings later, Chris Burke became a household name and an October legend.
No. 23: 2004 ALCS Game 4: NYY @ BOS
Who knows what happens if Dave Roberts didn't steal that bag?
No. 22: 1995 ALDS Game 5: NYY @ SEA
Edgar Martinez swung, Ken Griffey Jr. dashed around the bases and the Mariners sent the Yankees home for good.
No. 21: 2010 NLDS Game 1: CIN @ PHI
Roy Halladay tossed the second no-hitter in postseason history.

No. 20: 2003 World Series Game 4: NYY @ FLA
Alex Gonzalez's walk-off winner brought the Marlins another win closer to a magical World Series title.
No. 19: 2001 World Series Game 4: ARI @ NYY
When Jeter became "Mr. November."
No. 18: 1976 ALCS Game 5: KC @ NYY
Chris Chambliss sent the Yankees to the World Series.
No. 17: 1986 ALCS Game 5: BOS @ CAL
Dave Henderson tied it, then won it for the Red Sox over the Angels.
No. 16: 2013 ALCS Game 2: DET @ BOS
David Ortiz's slam, the police officer and Torii Hunter flying over the wall were all memorable, but it was 's walk-off single that reinforced the spirit of Boston Strong.
No. 15: 1992 NLCS Game 7: PIT @ ATL
Is there a better way to send your team to the World Series than with a walk-off hit?
No. 14: 1985 NLCS Game 5: LAD @ STL
The Ozzie Smith walk-off homer. Go crazy, folks.
No. 13: 1991 World Series Game 7: ATL @ MIN
Jack Morris, John Smoltz, the best postseason pitching duel ever ... and how it ended.
No. 12: 2014 NLCS Game 5: STL @ SF
sent the Giants to the World Series with some serious "even year" magic.
No. 11: 2017 World Series Game 2: HOU @ LAD
The Astros and Dodgers went back and forth in one of the craziest World Series games ever played. 

No. 10: 1991 World Series Game 6: ATL @ MIN
It's an iconic image: Kirby Puckett pumping his fist as his walk-off home run disappeared into a sea of white shirts beyond the left-field wall. Puckett's classic homer came after he took one away with a great catch at the wall. It also forced Game 7 against the Braves and, in many ways, earned him immortality.
No. 9: 2016 World Series Game 7: CHC @ CLE
There were almost too many twists and turns in this game alone to keep track of, never mind the classic series as a whole. Let's pick it up in the bottom of the eighth, the Indians down, 6-3, and facing fireballing closer . ripped an RBI double, then light-hitting crushed a game-tying, two-run homer -- one of the most dramatic in postseason history. Of course, the Cubs answered.
No. 8: 2003 ALCS Game 7: BOS @ NYY
The man who is now the Yankees' manager would have lived on in their history even had he never been hired, mostly for one swing he took in the fall of 2003. Aaron Boone's walk-off, pennant-clinching blast against Tim Wakefield sent New York to another Fall Classic and prolonged Boston's World Series drought for one more, final year.
No. 7: 1997 World Series Game 7: CLE @ FLA
Imagine this: You're 20 years old and standing at the plate in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 7 of the World Series. That was Edgar Renteria. Then, he slapped a single. And now, that's what we remember him for.
No. 6: 2001 World Series Game 7: NYY @ ARI
A series full of twists, turns, and late-inning dramatics had one more in it -- a World Series-winning bloop single by Luis Gonzalez against the best postseason closer ever. All Mariano Rivera and the Yankees could do was watch. 

No. 5: 2011 World Series Game 6: TEX @ STL
The Cardinals' crazy, incredible, somewhat unfathomable comeback against the Rangers to prolong a World Series they'd eventually win, has a good case for best baseball game ever played. Where it ranks in history will be debated for eternity. What will never be forgotten is the name .
No. 4: 1975 World Series Game 6: CIN @ BOS
Did Carlton Fisk have magic in those arms? Did they have the strength to keep his iconic walk-off homer fair? At this point, the ball did, and none of the rest really matters.
No. 3: 1986 World Series Game 6: BOS @ NYM
The Red Sox had it all wrapped up, their decades-long championship drought all but over. But the Mets refused to roll over. A few hits, a few breaks. Then, Mookie Wilson bounced one toward Bill Buckner.
No. 2: 1988 World Series Game 1: OAK @ LAD
Kirk Gibson wasn't supposed to be available. Heck, he wasn't even supposed to be on his feet. How he found the strength to come off the bench and clock one of the most clutch home runs in baseball history? To this day, nobody really knows.
No. 1: 1993 World Series Game 6: PHI @ TOR
One of just two World Series-winning walk-off home runs in baseball history belongs to Joe Carter, who rounded the bases in absolute ecstasy. Touch 'em all, Joe. You never hit a bigger home run in your life.