Girardi tossed after dispute over interference

August 27th, 2017

NEW YORK -- Joe Girardi has had a rough week with Major League umpires.
Girardi took issue with how the umpiring crew handled Thursday's benches-clearing incidents with the Tigers. Then the Yankees manager was ejected from Sunday's 10-1 win over the Mariners in a dispute over interference on a possible double play.
With one out and a runner on first base in the third inning, Mariners second baseman hit a ground ball to first base. fielded and threw to second base to force out , but the relay from shortstop Didi Gregorius bounced, and Cano was safe at first.
Girardi contended Segura had gone out of the baseline to get to Gregorius, and the umpires agreed to consult the video replay. The replay officials confirmed the original call, ruling that while Segura did go out of his original path, he didn't impede Gregorius from making the throw.

"Clearly, I don't understand the rule," Girardi said. "The runner is not supposed to be able to deviate his path to second base, and he's supposed to be able to touch the bag in his slide. I didn't see either of those things. I know you're not allowed to argue replays. I just wanted an explanation."
Girardi came out on the field seeking that explanation, and instead second-base umpire and crew chief Mike Everitt gave him his second ejection of the week and fifth of the season. Girardi responded by throwing his cap at the ground and waving his arms before leaving the field.

The Yankees led, 6-1, at the time, but Girardi made the point it was still only the third inning.
"You've got a runner on first [after the ruling], with up," Girardi said. "It could be 6-3 in a hurry."
Girardi said he didn't go on the field to argue the call.
"All I wanted was an explanation," he said. "Obviously, I'm reading the rule incorrectly, because it's black and white to me."
It was Girardi's 40th career ejection. Of those 40 ejections, 35 have come in his 10 seasons as Yankees manager.