Kelly's home workout ended in a broken window

Some fine tuning appears to be in order

April 16th, 2020

Baseball is a game best played in wide open spaces like sandlots, corn fields, schoolyards and ballparks. While players often practice in closer quarters like batting cages, it's clear that those setups are not ideal -- there's a reason they're only used when an actual field isn't available.

That makes playing baseball while social distancing at home quite a challenge, indeed. As anyone who's had a game of catch can attest, the typical neighborhood home is riddled with hazards. There are potholes hidden under poorly-trimmed grass. Saplings are wont to pop up when you're not looking. But, most of all, there are the windows, just sitting there in constant danger of breaking.

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was reminded of that danger while workshopping a new changeup at his home on Wednesday. Despite a giant floating target, Kelly's pitch missed wide right and sailed through his bedroom window.

Kelly instantly knows he messed up. We've all done that pose that basically screams, "What have I done!?!?" But, unlike the time I had to profusely apologize to my neighbor for disturbing his Saturday afternoon nap, Kelly just shrugs off the damage.

The pitcher talked about the incident on a New England sports podcast. "I'm going to pick up my ball and go finish my program, so I threw for another 20 minutes." After finishing practice, he spent the next three hours cleaning up the mess.

Our guess is that he's played plenty of backyard baseball in his life and sees a few broken windows as little more than the cost of doing business.