Gold or diamond? It's Votto's moment of tooth

April 8th, 2022

is coming off a resurgent year at the plate, but as he enters his 16th big league season, even a six-time All-Star and former MVP admits he's having a bit of a midlife crisis.

He did recently join social media. So what's next?

"I've been considering getting a diamond tooth or a gold tooth -- taking out one of my bicuspids and replacing it," Votto said during an entertaining in-game interview on ESPN during the Reds' season opener vs. the Braves on Thursday night. "Ask the fans what they think about that. I'm thinking about having a little bling in my mouth. Send out a poll there."

Indeed, everything that comes out of the Reds icon's mouth is gold.

An extended bottom of the fourth gave the 38-year-old a chance to discuss just about everything with the ESPN booth:

On his late-career surge: "I've prioritized hitting the ball hard."

On his accomplishments: "I’m proud of how many games I’ve played. That’s a priority for me. It’s a point of pride for me."

On retiring: "I feel like I fit right in with the game currently. As far as there being any sort of eyes on retirement, I don't feel like I’m there yet. I love my teammates, I love wearing this uniform and I love playing ball."

On breakdancing ... wait, what? Yes, Votto said he took lessons in the offseason, a unique way for him to stay in condition so he can continue to play defense: "Now that the DH is in both leagues, I just do not want to DH. I want to play defense as long as I can."

As for that bling? Votto took a poll of his own, asking Ozzie Albies at first base.

"Ozzie, what do you think about me getting a diamond tooth?"

Said Albies: “Go for it.”