No tears! Kid throws back gifted ball, Red Sox come to the rescue

Older brother dismayed as younger brother tosses prize away, but this story has a happy ending

June 18th, 2023

Young Red Sox fan Jack Mulligan was pleased to see his little brother Charlie gifted a foul ball off the bat of the Yankees’ Jake Bauers during Sunday’s game at Fenway Park.

Jack wasn’t so happy when Charlie immediately threw the baseball back toward the field. Before long, both brothers were upset, as their dad, Pat, tried to console them.

"He was very excited to get the ball, but so excited that he made a nice throw out to left field and his brother was a little upset,” Pat told NESN sideline reporter Jahmai Webster.

But the Red Sox managed to make both kids’ day one more time.

When Webster visited the family in their seats in the left corner of the upper deck, he brought some gifts with him. Jack told Webster that Rafael Devers was his favorite player on the team. But after receiving a signed baseball and signed jersey from Red Sox closer Kenley Jansen, he had to admit Jansen was in the conversation, too.

As for Charlie, he was still upset after realizing his mistake. The Mulligans’ friend, Mike, sitting two rows in front of them, had scooped up the foul ball and handed it to Charlie -- only for him to throw it back.

For their troubles, both Jack and Charlie received signed baseballs from the NESN crew -- Webster, Dave O’Brien and Will Middlebrooks. Middlebrooks’ message? “Nice throw, kid.”

It was certainly an unforgettable Father’s Day for the Mulligan family -- regardless of the rivalry game going on below them.

“It’s a lot of fun every time we come,” Pat said.