He wears glasses, he crushes homers into forests

His nickname is 'The president of elementary school students'

May 22nd, 2020

There are far too few glasses-wearing baseball players today. Eric Sogard and J.D. Hammer are a couple players that come to mind. Even throughout baseball history, there aren't that many: Reggie Jackson and Chris Sabo wore a form of spectacles, there was the professor Greg Maddux, there was this guy Will "Whoop-la" White who I'm still not sure was a real person or not.

Maybe it's that most baseball players have 20/20 vision? Maybe they just don't think glasses look cool?

But what about when you blast a 900-foot home run into some distant forests while wearing them?

Chae Eun-sung, whose nickname among fans is "The president of elementary school students," is making glasses cool again. He hit .331 with 25 homers a couple years back and already has two in 14 games this season. Look at how intimidating he looks in the batter's box.

He's not only calculating the speed, the break and the spin of the pitch that's coming, but he's also determining how Earth's polar diameter will affect his swing. He's solving Quantum Entanglement and the possibility of dark matter. He did your taxes and gave you no returns.

Making nice, running catches in glasses? Also not an issue.

So go out, wear your glasses and be proud of them. Think of Chae Eun-sung, aspire to be like your new spectacles-wearing hero.