Remember Kyle Farnsworth? Well, you should see him now

June 21st, 2022

Kyle Farnsworth was always an intimidating presence. Standing 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds and armed with a high-90s fastball, the reliever was always willing to throw down with any opponent over any slight.

"It's one thing to wonder if a pitcher is crazy, or more accurately, brave enough to go after you," Bobby Cox, one of Farnsworth's former managers, told ESPN in 2010. "It's another thing entirely to know that he will absolutely, positively do it. Everyone knows where Farnsworth stands on that issue."

Well, the pitcher who was named baseball's toughest player in 2010 is even more intimidating now. After hanging up his cleats following the 2014 season, Farnsworth turned to semi-pro football. That wasn't enough, though: Now Farnsworth is a competitive bodybuilder.

Look at those muscles! He's like a 1980s action figure come to life through whatever magic powered "Weird Science."

And those legs -- do those fit into jeans or does he just wander around in a loincloth 24/7?

And how about those bulging veins -- I didn't even know the human body had that many!

Unfortunately for anyone hoping for a big league comeback, that's probably not happening. After Farnsworth hurt his shoulder on the gridiron, he's only throwing 87-88 mph now. That means Michael Lorenzen's title as most ripped pitcher in the league is safe ... for now.