Kyle Freeland has seen the light. And has apologized to it

August 31st, 2023

DENVER -- "I'm sorry. Get well soon."

Rockies left-hander Kyle Freeland penned those poignant words after committing an act of light aggression on July 14, 2022.

Freeland, one of the fieriest competitors in the Majors, had just given up five runs over four innings against the Padres despite being staked to an early three-run lead. Upon entering the dugout in the fifth inning at Coors Field, Freeland grabbed a bat.

He obviously wouldn't be using it at the plate given that the 2022 season was the first full season with a universal designated hitter in MLB. But Freeland had another purpose in mind for the lumber.

Freeland smashed a light fixture on the ceiling of the dugout, sending a shattered plastic cover and bulbs flying from his fit of rage. But the next day, in a gesture befitting his contrition, he wrote a note to his victim after it had been replaced.

Following the "Get well soon," Freeland signed his name, even noting his jersey number, 21, behind it. Either he or some teammates then affixed some Band-Aids and a heart sticker for good measure.

More than a year later, that handwritten note, the Band-Aids and the sticker remain, perhaps as a makeshift memorial to the innocent light fixture that got mixed up with the wrong starting pitcher on the wrong day.