Schwarber falls, makes catch, replaces shoe

May 5th, 2018

ST. LOUIS -- Shoeless ?
Schwarber needed a new shoe after falling, then getting up to catch the Cardinals' Matt Carpenter's fly ball in left field during the Cubs' 10-inning, 8-6 loss to St. Louis on Saturday afternoon.
With a runner at first and one out in the Cardinals' sixth inning, Carpenter lined a ball to left. Schwarber took about four steps, then fell backwards, but he got up in time to catch the ball and throw it in. Then he raised his arms and pointed to his shoe, which apparently was the reason for the fall.
"Schwarber vindicated his offseason program by being able to fall down and get up," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. "It's all the burpees he did in the offseason were demonstrated right there."

Schwarber, who lost more than 20 pounds this offseason after a strenuous diet and exercise program, took off his right shoe and trotted in to get a new pair to finish the inning. Center fielder made a much more graceful running catch of 's fly ball to end the inning.
What happened to Schwarber?

"It looked like he might have blown out his shoelaces," Maddon said. "I've had that happen sometimes. It looked like it was spread open and he can't put it back on and he might have popped the laces. I've had it in high school football, but never seen it in baseball."