The 5 best items in Giolito's locker

A magical cat romper awaits

June 5th, 2021

What mysteries lurk inside a ballplayer's locker? What secrets are hidden deep in the personal crevices of the clubhouse? Are they filled to the brim with old papers, or do they contain treasures beyond our wildest dreams?

White Sox ace Lucas Giolito invited us to gaze inside his locker for the newest episode of MLB Originals, Big League Lockers. And, as you'd expect from one of the game's most personable players, he's got a plenty of wild stuff inside.

Check out the video below and read on:

1. Magical cat romper

Yes, probably the most unexpected item: Giolito keeps a romper complete with a cowboy cat and shark that shoots rainbows from his mouth in his locker. You never know when you might need that.

2. Beat-up Jordans

Most ballplayers keep pairs of the freshest, cleanest kicks in their lockers. (See: J.D. Martinez.) Not Giolito. He keeps a pair of worn Jordan 4s in his locker.

"I only play once every five days. I have a very nice job," Giolito joked. So, on those other four days, he rocks his Jordans while in the dugout.

3. Bulls jersey

Of course, if you're gonna wear Jordan's shoes and be an athlete in Chicago, I think it's a legal requirement that you also have a Bulls jersey. This isn't the first time Giolito has shown off his custom jersey, though. He's worn it around the field, too.

4. Crossword puzzles

How does an ace pitcher prepare for a ballgame? Why, doing the USA Today crossword, of course. Giolito admitted that he's improved and can now easily finish them ... through Wednesday. The late-week puzzles, though? Yeah, good luck.

5. Nick Madrigal T-shirt

Giolito keeps a few tees with him at all times, including this one from his no-hitter:

But the best one came from when the team Photoshopped rookie Nick Madrigal into the "Mr. 3000" poster.

"In Spring Training 2021, he was talking some trash about how he was gonna get 3,000 hits in his career," Giolito said. "I hope he does, that'd be great, but anytime a young player is saying stuff like that, we're going to throw it on a shirt."

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