Giolito's mom almost starred in 'A League of Their Own'

Instead, she may have teamed up with Freddy Krueger

August 12th, 2021

White Sox starter Lucas Giolito is no stranger to a film set. His grandather was Warren Frost, who famously played the father of George's fiancé on "Seinfeld," his uncle is "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost, and his mother, Lindsay Frost, has 49 film and TV credits to her name. So, when the White Sox take the field for the "Field of Dreams" game on Thursday night, he won't be awed by being near cinematic history.

However, during an interview on MLB Network before the game, Giolito revealed some family history with another iconic baseball movie: His mom was originally cast in "A League of Their Own" to play Mae Mordabito -- the role that Madonna went on to make famous.

"My mom was almost in 'A League of their Own,'" Giolito said. "She had a leading role. I don’t remember the name of the character. I think she had it pretty locked up, but had a pilot for a TV show that I guess took precedent over it. And so she had to go do that pilot, ended up not being able to do that movie. And they replaced her with Madonna."

Knowing that the film was released in the summer of 1992, and doing a little bit of IMDB sleuthing (with a fair amount of guesswork), it looks like the pilot Frost chose to do instead may have been "Nightmare Cafe," where she played Fay, a waitress who died but was brought back to work at the restaurant.

While that show lasted only six episodes and isn't nearly as famous as "A League of Their Own," it is a bit of a cult favorite thanks to its creation by legendary film director Wes Craven and Freddy Kreuger actor Robert Englund taking on the lead role. Sadly, I don't think MLB will be hosting a "Nightmare Cafe" game anytime soon.