Infielder goes undercover to ... sell his own jersey?

December 13th, 2022

Luis Guillorme has already proven himself as a man of many talents: utility player, expert juggler, dugout safety officer and now ... floor salesman?

The bearded Mets infielder went undercover at MLB's Flagship Store in Manhattan this week (to be clear, by undercover we mean he traded in his Mets apparel for an MLB-NYC polo and lanyard) and tried his hand at selling jerseys. Of course Guillorme did yeoman's work trying to steer customers to a certain blue-and-orange section of the store, to varying success.

If you've ever encountered that borderline pushy department store salesperson who doesn't take "just browsing" as an answer, then you know what Guillorme was like in this role. When he tried to help out a father and son, who were both wearing Mets hats, the dad politely declined Guillorme's assistance. But he was not giving up that easily.

After finding out the kid's favorite player was teammate Pete Alonso, Guillorme brought over his own jersey instead and tried to sell it to them.

"What about this one?" he said cheekily.

"We're good for right now, we're just looking around. I appreciate it," the dad said.

That's something Guillorme isn't all that used to -- striking out. Still, he was undeterred, doing everything in his power to get a Yankees fan in a Harvard sweatshirt to check out the Mets hats and a young Phillies fan to switch allegiances.

It was all part of a hard day's work for Guillorme, who clearly can handle charging slow rollers better than charging customers for his own jersey.