Machado hit on left wrist, but X-rays negative

August 19th, 2018

SEATTLE -- X-rays were negative on the left wrist of Dodgers infielder Manny Machado, who was removed from Sunday's 12-1 win over the Mariners shortly after being hit by a pitch from infielder , who was doing ninth-inning mop-up for the second time in three days.
"I'm good, guys, nothing crazy," said Machado, who was removed for the precautionary pictures and replaced at third base by designated hitter . "No bone, no nothing."
Turner had just launched a three-run homer off Romine when the pitching position player hit Machado with an 86.4-mph fastball on a 2-1 pitch. Machado remained in the game to run.
Romine waited at home plate to apologize while Machado was attended to by a trainer, then apologized again when the inning ended. It was the first time Machado had been hit by a pitch as a Dodger.
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had no problem with the Mariners using a position player in relief of a blowout loss.
"I get it, I understand it," said Roberts. "They're trying to preserve arms. They've got a big series coming up. Obviously, you don't want anybody getting hurt. Romine just left one armside."