Watch Piña stay in shape using ... an SUV?

April 7th, 2020

MILWAUKEE -- When polled the clubhouse earlier this spring to find out which Brewers were in The Best Shape Of Their Lives, was one of a handful of players who said yes. Not bad for a catcher about to turn 33.

And now we have some additional evidence.

Thanks to social media, fans have been able to stay connected with players while Major League Baseball and the country at whole are on pause during the coronavirus outbreak. That means watching Josh Hader shoot hoops in his Arizona pool, or Zack Brown playing backyard badminton or Jacob Nottingham doing CrossFit in his garage.

But you can award extra points to Piña, who at last check was pushing an SUV up and down the road. Maybe it started a trend. Brewers pitcher Jake Faria was seen a couple of days later doing the same thing.

“This is an important year for me,” Piña said back in February upon reporting to camp. “I wanted to be sure I am ready.”

Things have changed since then, but whenever baseball does resume, you can bet that Piña will be hoping his off-the-field work pays dividends.

“Last year, my hamstring was hurt a little bit,” he said. “But I feel very good right now. I feel 100 percent coming in. I’m ready to play. That’s what I need -- to stay healthy and help the team to win.”