The weirdest Gold Glove play you'll ever see

April 19th, 2021

is a former Gold Glove Award winner. He certainly flashed that with a ridiculous behind-the-back play on a comebacker to the mound in the eighth inning of the Mets' 2-1 win over the Rockies on Sunday. The throw to first? Well that was more of an adventure.

Stroman's momentum took him off the right side of the mound after he was able to corral the ball behind his back. He stumbled a few steps in that direction before making an off-balance throw. The ball landed about halfway between the mound and first base and took seven bounces to get to Pete Alonso, who was waiting patiently with a full stretch to barely beat Josh Fuentes.

“It’s all in the moment. It’s all a reaction to be honest," Stroman said. "Like I said, I always do everything in the weight room to try and keep my athleticism, and when I’m out there I’m just kind of, 'Let everything flow.' I caught it and I thought I was going to catch it, I didn’t know. I figured just get it over there as quick as possible.”

Stroman was fired up after the play, pointing at his signature blue glove, reminding everyone why he has gold in his trophy case.