How Granderson became the 'Grandyman'

MRI confirms Rojas' hamstring strain; Lopez progresses in rehab assignment

August 8th, 2019

MIAMI -- Marlins fans have come to affectionately call their favorite players by their nicknames, such as “Grandyman” for and “Andy” for . For the weekend of Aug. 23-25, they will watch their team take on the Phillies while sporting jerseys with these nicknames and more for the third annual Players’ Weekend.

The Marlins' players have quite an array of nicknames, with some players opting for nicknames that are short for their last names -- such as “Andy” -- while others are having more fun with it, like ’s “Coopaloop.”

“It came from my name being so long, especially in the Minor Leagues,” Granderson said of his nickname. “It’s really easy to mix up people until you look at the back of their jerseys. A lot of the nicknames start there.

“Guys started calling me ‘Grandy’ in general. That’s where ‘Grandy’ came from. And then a mixture between John Sterling with the Yankees who did the ‘Grandyman’ call to just players in general going ‘Grandy, man.’ It was just morphed into that over time.”

’s nickname “Birdman” and ’s “Sweet Lew” also both originated while playing baseball when they were younger. Berti’s came from one of his first travel teams, while Lewis was coined “Sweet Lew” by a travel agent while he was playing “Rookie ball.”

Players’ Weekend was started with the idea that players can add their own style to their uniforms in order to show fans a glimpse of their personalities.

“I’m a sweet guy,” Lewis said about his nickname. “I’m an easygoing guy. … More than anything, I love the fans and them coming out. We get to show our personalities that weekend, and it’s going to be fun.”

This year’s edition of Players’ Weekend boasts monochromatic black or white jerseys. The home team gets to decide what color they will wear, with the Marlins opting for white. While some players don’t have plans yet for what they will add to their uniform, "Grandyman" has already ordered his white shoes.

MRI confirms strained hamstring for Rojas
was placed on the 10-day injured list on Wednesday after he was injured while running to first base in Tuesday’s 5-0 loss to the Mets. After undergoing an MRI on Thursday, Rojas’ injury was confirmed as a right hamstring strain.

“I think it was best-case scenario, and we’re really pretty confident that we’re gonna see Miggy before the end of the year,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly said.

However, the Marlins don’t have a timetable for Rojas’ return.

“Especially with the hamstring, it’s always a little tedious as far as coming back,” Mattingly said. “You can always have little setbacks, things like that. … It’s going to be a little bit of time. But it is something that he’s going to recover from, and he’ll be back 100 percent.”

Lopez makes third Double-A start
was sent on rehab assignment to Double-A Jacksonville on July 28, and the he took the mound for his third outing with the Jumbo Shrimp on Wednesday night.

“There were more positives yesterday, even though the line didn’t look as good,” Mattingly said. “The positives would be the [velocity] and everything is there. It looks like he’s coming out of his starts healthy, and his in-between work is good."

In his 2 2/3 innings for Jacksonville, Lopez gave up five runs on six hits -- including two homers. He added just one strikeout and two walks. Overall, Lopez has pitched five innings in three rehab starts, totaling 13 hits (three homers), 12 earned runs, four walks and six strikeouts.

“Pablo’s coming here tomorrow and he’ll throw his bullpen here,” Mattingly said. “His rehab is going to continue. He seems to be healthy… but it hasn't been that great, the numbers have not been good to this point. Hopefully part of that is just getting back off this rehab and getting more adjusted to the competition side of it.”