Look out below! Fan falls chasing Olson HR

July 13th, 2021

DENVER -- sent a ball soaring through the air -- and he sent a man soaring through the air, too.

Like any player, Bennett Lloyd surely hoped to garner attention at some point in his career for his performance in a baseball game. But the rising sophomore right-hander at Division III Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia surely can't have thought his baseball fame would have come in the way it did.

As Olson's deep fly ball to the right-field second deck of Coors Field came down to earth during the 2021 Home Run Derby, Lloyd's baseball instincts took over. He rose from his seat in the second row and tracked over to the railing to his right, went head over heels over the railing into the tunnel, limbs flying everywhere.


"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be," Lloyd said. "I just landed on my shoulder. Cut up my elbow a little bit. But that's all."

Don't blame the guy -- he's a pitcher and not an outfielder, after all. (Though, as he reminded us, "Pitchers are athletes.")

"Olson hit a home run, and obviously, I want a ball," Lloyd said. "Once I saw that it was coming in right over here, I started trying to get close. Once I got a little closer, I realized, 'Oh, I'm going to go over.' I just dove and tried to get the ball."

Once his feet left the ground, he was committed.

"There's no going back," Lloyd said.

Lloyd didn't even get the ball for his troubles -- he still doesn't know what happened to it -- and you'd better believe that the baseball world started having fun with it as his phone began blowing up with Instagram messages, Snapchat notifications and the works.

Minutes after his misplay, Lloyd was laughing with everyone else at a GIF of his five seconds of fame on Twitter. Even "MLB Errors," a novelty account with the purpose of posting video clips of errors around the big leagues, got in on the fun by posting a GIF.

"It's really weird and kind of funny," Lloyd said. "I like to see myself get made fun of, so it's kind of funny."

And since he's a Braves fan with no allegiance in the Home Run Derby, he did confirm that Olson, as the man who catapulted him to fame, had gained a new fan.