Stories behind A's Players' Weekend nicknames

August 18th, 2019

Players’ Weekend is back for a third year, giving big leaguers an opportunity to connect with the fans in fun and engaging ways through their jerseys and equipment.

Here's a list of the nicknames A’s players have chosen to sport on the back of their monochromatic white uniforms for the weekend of Aug. 23-25.

A childhood nickname.


David is his legal first name, but, “I wouldn’t even answer to that,” Bailey said. “If you said David, I would think somebody was yelling at my dad.” Bailey was given the “Homer” nickname at birth as a tribute to his grandfather. “It’s just my dumb luck that I would become a pitcher.”

: "C BASS"

: "BOOK"


A reference to Jim Carrey’s character in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," one of Canha’s all-time favorite movies.


Chapman is honoring his Cal State Fullerton teammate, Nick Hurtado, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 21 after a battle with bone cancer.

"I know it was his dream to play in the Major Leagues,” Chapman said. “He never got that opportunity, so I figured it would be the best way to represent him, to get his last name on a big league jersey and play a game in the big leagues.”


Gut It Out is the foundation started by Diekman with a mission to connect patients and caregivers through education and inspiration in order to strengthen relationships and resources within the inflammatory bowel disease community. The left-hander was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 10 and underwent a three-part surgery to remove and replace his colon starting in January 2017.


Returning to his home state of California, Estrada is channeling his inner Frank Poncherello (played by Erik Estrada) from the '70s and '80s police drama "CHiPs."


"It was my first year. I got drafted and I flew out to Arizona for mini camp. The first day we were out there with all the kids that just got drafted, one of the coaches was going off the roll call and he just said, ‘Smokey!’ He didn’t even say my name," he said. "I didn’t know it was me. He said it again and was like, ‘Where you at, Fiers?’ That stuck with me and throughout the Minor Leagues, everyone called me ‘Smokey.’”


Astros reliever Roberto Osuna gave the Australian-born pitcher the nickname because of the way Hendriks pronounces "slider” in an accent when the two were teammates on the Blue Jays.

Herrm the "Worm!"


Childhood nickname.



Yes, he’ll have an actual emoji on the back of his jersey.

: "OLY"


Phegley was never actually a player to be named later in a trade, he just decided to go with it for his role of backup catcher a few years ago, which he said is known to be an anonymous position around the league.

: "CHI"

Pinder's older brother, Clark, couldn't pronounce "Chad" when he was younger, so this was his way of shortening the name.

A nickname that was given to him during his Little League days by friends and family.


Spanish nickname meaning "The Boss."

: "T-RO"


: "PEPE"

A tribute to his father, Jose Manuel, better known to his children as “Grandpa Pepe.”