Trevor May's old alter ego: DJ Hey Beef

What's in a name?

December 3rd, 2020

The Mets made their first splash into the free-agent market on Wednesday night when the team signed former Twins reliever Trevor May to a two-year deal.

May quickly got to ingratiating himself to Mets fans -- first admitting that he knows there's another Trevor (Bauer) that fans were hoping was signed:

He then revealed in his introductory press conference that what put the Mets over the top was a sandwich he ordered from Benateri's Deli in Queens. (Quite frankly, it looks amazing.)

But there was one more startling revelation left to come: May, a popular video game Twitch streamer, used to have another creative outlet. May used to play progressive house and dubstep music under the name "DJ Hey Beef." Which, uh, listen, we've all made weird decisions in life.

"So, I haven't DJ'd since I got into Twitch," May said. "The whole thing with me is I find a hobby and I just, like, fall down that hole. So that was my early 20s phase until I turned about 26. Then I got into the live streaming thing, and that has been all-consuming because it's kind of spread all kinds of ways outside of just being live all the time. But for DJ'ing, I went under the name DJ Hey Beef when I was 19. It's an inside joke that if I explained it, it still wouldn't make any sense."

Fortunately for all of us, there is still footage from May's short-lived music career. As a Minor Leaguer for the Reading Phils in 2012, May held a concert at FirstEnergy Park, where he had pitched for Lakewood two years earlier.

So, turn those overhead lights off, hit the strobe, and get ready to dance. (And yes, that is a shirt that says, "Hey Beef.)

You want more? You're in luck:

DJ Hey Beef wasn't even his only name, briefly changing it to Mayser -- to rhyme with laser, natch -- though he admits that it was "completely cheesy and pretty cringy, and so I changed that really quickly. Then we merged the brands. It's just Trevor May now."

Sadly, for people hoping to book May to play their wedding or future event, you're out of luck. Though he still owns the turntables, he only plays electronic music for fun in his free time.

"I kind of wish that I was younger and I could play around the city," May said. "I think that would be a lot of fun. It's still something I enjoy. I just like entertaining people. It's playing music and having people react to it. It's the same thing for baseball. I just love having that kind of emotional connection to people."

May's Soundcloud account is still active, so you can listen to his mix of "Like That." Maybe Mets fans can petition to make this his entrance music next season, too.