Trout thanks Anaheim PD with virtual pep talk

From one All-Star hero to the real heroes

April 10th, 2020

Everyone's been rallying around the public health officials, police officers and others working to fight the coronavirus outbreak -- and that includes .

Trout gave a pep talk to the Anaheim Police Department on Thursday, joining Chief Jorge Cisneros during the department's virtual meeting.

"You guys hanging in there?" Trout said. "I can't thank you guys enough for what you do, especially in this crazy time we're going through right now. For you guys to be able to go out there and keep us all safe when we have to stay in the house -- the bravery, the things you do, the risks you take going out there every day -- I can't thank you guys enough."

The Anaheim PD has been holding its meetings digitally as part of its effort to encourage social distancing practices during the pandemic.

"The things you guys do on a daily basis, man, it's pretty incredible," Trout said. "Stay safe. I appreciate all you guys do for us."