Mike Trout admits to being Jered Weaver's troll

He can do everything

February 28th, 2020

Film? That's so 20th century. But here, in the future, GIFs are where it's at. Who has time for a two-hour movie when we can get every emotion we could possibly desire in one simple, endlessly repeating GIF?

And one of the very best came when former Angels pitcher Jered Weaver -- he of the 83-mph fastball -- was being interviewed after a game. It was going as it usually does when ... all of a sudden ... a water bottle flew into the frame like this was an episode of "Seinfeld."

Weaver stared down the assailant with hate in his eyes.

While we knew our star -- our Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" -- we didn't know our director.

Meet the Stanley Kubrick for this one: Mike Trout.

It was revealed during a Q+A that Weaver hosted on Twitter recently and the greatest center fielder the grass has ever seen made sure to pop up in the replies with his cherubic, smiling face.

And thanks to that GIF, we know exactly how Weaver probably responded.