Skippers agree no intent to throw at Trout

August 19th, 2020

Angels superstar was clearly frustrated in the ninth inning after Giants reliever Shaun Anderson threw two fastballs up near his head in the Halos' 8-2 loss on Tuesday afternoon at Angel Stadium.

After a called first strike, Anderson threw a 95.4 mph fastball over Trout's head, and then three pitches later, he threw a 94.6 mph fastball in nearly the same spot. Trout gestured angrily after the pitch and the umpires met at the mound, but nothing came of it. Trout walked on the next pitch.

Angels manager Joe Maddon believed it was unintentional, and he blamed it on Anderson’s inexperience. Anderson, though, was making his 39th career appearance and had previously thrown 104 1/3 innings in the Majors.

"That's just a young man that's not ready to be here, that's all that is. There's nothing malicious about it,” Maddon said. “It could even have been that he was intimidated by Mike being in the batter's box."

Giants manager Gabe Kapler said Anderson was wild after not pitching for five days.

“I'm just going to be very direct,” Kapler said. “Shaun hasn't been on the mound in five days. He got a little jumpy. We don't throw at people. That's not who we are."