experts predict the World Series

October 25th, 2016

In arguably the most anticipated World Series ever, the Cubs will take on the Indians, with both teams looking to end extraordinary title droughts: 108 years for Chicago, 68 years for Cleveland.

A collection of analysts, columnists and reporters shared their thoughts on who will come out on top.

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Mike Bauman: Cubs in 6

If doubters remain, check out the way this team came back after going down 2-1 in the NLCS. The Cubs have no areas of vulnerability and as Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said: "They are relentless." History is made.

Lindsay Berra: Cubs in 5

The Indians have better baserunners and a better bullpen, but you can't run if you don't get on base and the bullpen isn't nearly as effective without a lead to protect. The Cubs have better defense, a better starting rotation and more power, which will be even more glaring during the three games at Wrigley when the Tribe loses the DH. The party is in Chicago. 

Barry Bloom: Indians in 7

The Tribe has gone under the radar all season. But the Indians wiped out two of the top teams in baseball -- Boston and Toronto -- in the opening rounds, losing only one game. The Cubs are their most formidable foe, but Terry Francona will manage the Indians to their first World Series title since 1948 and his personal third since 2007, cementing his place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hal Bodley: Cubs in 6

They were pressed by the Dodgers, but their true colors showed in the end -- a marvelous combination of young, old and determination! Now with the magical ways of manager Joe Maddon pushing the buttons, 1908 will be in the rear-view mirror.

Anthony Castrovince: Indians in 7

What, you expect me to count them out now? The Indians have one of the best baserunning teams in baseball, and they'll use that edge to get in the head of and Co. They've got an incredible back-end bullpen pairing in and , and Francona will continue to employ it to his advantage. They've got the home-field edge. They've got the boost of 's return. And they've got just enough moxie to overcome a 103-win juggernaut and extend the longest-running championship drought in the game while ending the second-longest.

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Jim Duquette: Cubs in 5

The Cubs are too deep in all facets of the game, relatively injury-free compared to the Indians, and Chicago's offense started humming on all cylinders just at the perfect time.

Alyson Footer: Indians in 6

They weren't supposed to get this far, yet here they are, with exactly one loss so far in the postseason. Somehow, the Indians made it through two rounds of the playoffs with one healthy, veteran starting pitcher, Miller and some brilliant bullpen maneuvering by Francona. Who's to say they can't finish this thing off? They're healthier now with Salazar back in the mix. The underdogs have just enough to make Cleveland rock again.

Paul Hagen: Cubs in 6

For the Tribe, too much rest turns to rust, and the Cubs, who seem to be hitting their stride, are ready to finally win it all.

Will Leitch: Cubs in 5

I'm done waiting for The Fear to take over and give us a repeat of 2003 NLCS Game Six, that moment when you watch team and fan alike just tense up because they know pain is coming. has it right: These Cubs are too young to even know about the Cubs' history, let alone care about it. Combine that with the fact that the Cubs have an edge everywhere but in the bullpen and on the basepaths ... They might just clinch this at home.

Jon Paul Morosi: Cubs in 7

After 108 years, you thought this would be easy?! The Indians' bullpen, baserunning and timely power will be enough to win three games, but the Cubs have the better -- and healthier -- roster. This is The Year.

Jeff Nelson: Cubs in 5

The Cubs are rolling offensively over their last three games vs. the Dodgers and it will continue through the World Series.

Mike Petriello: Cubs in 6

Cleveland will make it a tough fight, but the Cubs are better on offense, defense and the rotation -- and their bullpen may be just as strong, too. They're the best team in baseball, and they'll prove it once and for all here.

Tracy Ringolsby, Cubs in 5

It has nothing to do with droughts or sympathy or goats. It's about a team that has a deep rotation and explosive lineup.

Phil Rogers: Cubs in 6

There's no question the Cubs feel they belong on this stage. The Indians won't go easy but can't match rotation depth, defense.