Competitive Balance rounds set for '22 Draft

March 17th, 2022

The 2022 MLB Draft is set for All-Star Week in Los Angeles, with the Orioles kicking things off on Sunday, July 17, with the No. 1 overall pick. 

MLB announced the details of the Draft and Draft Combine on Thursday. The 2022 Draft will take place from July 17-19 in L.A., while the Draft Combine -- a showcase for the top 300 Draft-eligible players, with the opportunity to interact with MLB general managers and scouting directors -- is scheduled for June 14-20 at Petco Park in San Diego. 

This year's Draft will be 20 rounds over the three days. The opening night of the Draft will feature the first two rounds: the compensatory pick rounds and the Competitive Balance rounds. Rounds 3-10 will be on Day 2 of the Draft, and Rounds 11-20 will be on Day 3. 

The Orioles will be drafting No. 1 overall for the second time in the last four years -- they took Adley Rutschman first in 2019 -- and third time as a franchise. They'll be followed by the D-backs, Rangers, Pirates and Nationals to round out the top five picks.

The order for the Competitive Balance rounds on Day 1 is also set. Competitive Balance Round A takes place after the first round of the Draft, and Competitive Balance Round B takes place after the second round. 

Here are the teams who will be getting additional Draft picks in the Competitive Balance rounds.

Round A (after the first round)

  1. Orioles
  2. D-backs
  3. Royals
  4. Pirates
  5. Guardians
  6. Rockies
  7. Padres

Round B (after the second round)

  1. Marlins
  2. Twins
  3. A's
  4. Rays
  5. Tigers
  6. Brewers
  7. Reds
  8. Mariners

Since 2017, Major League Baseball has used a formula that combines revenue, winning percentage and market score to award Draft picks to teams that fall in the bottom 10 in revenue or market size. The Competitive Balance Draft picks can be traded.

At the end of each Competitive Balance round, there will also be additional Draft picks given to teams that lost free agents who were extended a qualifying offer, with the specific round determined by various criteria.

Here are the teams that are getting or could be getting a compensatory pick.

Picks after Competitive Balance Round B

Blue Jays: For Robbie Ray signing with the Mariners and for Marcus Semien signing with the Rangers.

Mets: For Noah Syndergaard signing with the Angels.

Red Sox: For Eduardo Rodriguez signing with the Tigers.

*Note: The Braves will receive a Draft pick after Competitive Balance Round B if Freddie Freeman's reported deal with the Dodgers is finalized.

Picks after the fourth round

Dodgers: For Corey Seager signing with the Rangers.

Potential compensatory picks after Round B

Astros: If Carlos Correa signs with another team.

Mets: If Michael Conforto signs with another team.

Potential compensatory picks after Round A or B (TBD)

Reds: If Nick Castellanos signs with another team.

Rockies: If Trevor Story signs with another team.