MLB, MLBPA agree to extend 14-pitcher max

April 26th, 2022

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association agreed Tuesday to extend the 14-pitcher maximum on active rosters through May 29 as the parties continue to monitor player health.

Prior to the season, the two sides agreed to expand the number of players on active rosters from 26 to 28 and to increase the limitation of pitchers on active rosters from 13 to 14. Those rules were expected to remain in place from Opening Day through May 1. While active rosters will go back to 26 players on May 2 as planned, the 13-pitcher limitation will now go into effect May 30.

Beginning on May 2, as scheduled, all injured pitchers and two-way players will only be eligible for placement on the 15-day injured list instead of the 10-day IL. Injured list placements made on or after May 2 may be backdated appropriately, but the date the decision was made -- not the retroactive placement date -- will govern the minimum required downtime.

All Minor League option assignments will count toward each player’s limit of five per year beginning on May 2. Prior to that date, any option assignment doesn’t count against that limit for any player. Prior to May 2, pitchers and two-way players must remain on assignment prior to a subsequent recall for at least 10 days. From that date, the minimum assignment period for pitchers and two-way players will revert to 15 days.

Rosters will expand on Sept. 1, when all teams must carry 28 players on the active roster through the end of the regular season. Teams will be permitted to carry 29 players for any doubleheaders during that final month.